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 The importance of protecting your Home prior to Dream Home Inspections

The importance of protecting your Home prior to Dream Home Inspections

The foundation is among the most vital components of any home, but it’s not the most significant structural component. In the end, the foundation is the foundation of the house in every sense. It’s the basis that all other things are built upon or based on and it’s a vital aspect of keeping your family members and you in a safe, comfortable and secured.

While it’s among the most crucial components of any home however, the foundation can be very mysterious, often misunderstood or largely ignored by homeowners. It’s easy to think of the foundations of your home for granted when it’s already too late. If left untreated foundation issues could cause a panic situation and expensive repairs.

Let’s take a look at why the foundation of a house crucial and what an inspector from a home inspection can do to help you comprehend and protect this vital structural component in Your Chicago home:

What is a foundation and why is it Important?

According to the data of This Old House According to data from This Old House, the average home weighs around 50 tons. The average foundation weighs around 7.5 tons by itself. Like you would expect from these number, your foundation is quite significant.

In the most fundamental sense the base of your house is designed to raise and ensure the structure is supported over it. It is what binds a house to the earth and offers structural stability. It is in this way that the foundation serves a variety of vital functions, which include:

  • Supporting the burden of the building. This means providing support to what architects refer to as “dead loads” (that is predictable and static structural loads like those of the home and the components) and more uncertain “live loads” (such as the burden of furniture, people or even mounds snow that have accumulated in the ceiling).
  • It is a vital anchor to protect to prevent ground movement. It’s true that the soil that is the foundation of our homes shifts and changes shape every day. Sometimes, this shifting can take on a dramatic shape like the appearance of a massive earthquake. In the flat and stable Illinois homes, we are still vulnerable to risk like flooding, severe winds as well as frost heaves. The foundation is what holds the structure on the earth, allowing the structure to stand up to the shifting of the earth as well as the impact of extreme weather.
  • Guarding against the heat and cold. Our home base, Chicago, Illinois, gets extremely cold. The foundation of your home serves as a shield against elements and their harmful effects, for instance, the expansion of ground or expanding common building materials, like metal and wood.
  • Offering protection against moisture. Although the dirt you feel your fingers on may appear dry, the ground is brimming with moisture. The foundation of your home is a crucial protection against moisture that can result in damage to the entire structure.
  • Foundations are built to last for a long timeas well as decades and decades. However, they are prone to be damaged or weaken as any other element of a house. A foundation that is damaged or degraded could put the entire house at risk of falling and sinking. This could be catastrophic to witness. Even with no “worst-case scenario” occurring, weak or inadequate foundations can cause additional costly and annoying issues that range from flooding and water intrusion to problems with closing doors and windows cracks that appear around walls and floors or sagging walls, and chimneys that are leaning. These issues can be extremely difficult and costly to fix as well as risky for you, your familymembers, and even your guests.

What a Home Inspector can help you protect and maintain the foundation of your home

A home inspection by a professional is among the best ways to get a better understanding of the property you’re seeking to purchase the property, sell your property, or keep the home you own.

When conducting a house inspection, an knowledgeable and skilled inspector will look over numerous elements within the home, searching for mechanical and structural issues and possible safety hazards. The inspector will also assess the condition of important systems surrounding the home, including the roofing as well as air conditioning, heating systems, as well as water heaters.

This inspection provides an understanding about the home’s most essential components and systems , which includes the foundation. Alongside identifying any issues or failures that could be a cause We are aware of the importance of informing homeowners about their home. Home inspectors from our company will offer maintenance tips, as well as other information to help protect your investment over the years to come.

When you have a home inspection the inspector will aid in building your understanding and offer more details about the foundation of your house by examining various elements. For example, your inspector will assess whether landscaping elements can affect the foundation such as overgrown shrubs and trees and retaining walls that aren’t effective or poor drainage.

They will also assist you to identify the way your foundation is constructed (for instance, if it is made from concrete blocks, poured concrete fieldstone, brick or any other material) and check for signs of cracks, seepage from moisture or indications of movement. If the inspector is not able to examine foundation walls since they are covered, they might advise you to take other measures, like having your walls examined by an engineer in structural engineering or a basement repair service. In the future, the inspector might also offer suggestions for preventive maintenance and provide some other items to watch out for, including evidence of termite damage.

To get a full understanding of what you can expect from your inspection, make sure to take a look at our examples of inspection reports!

Get help at Chicago’s home Inspection Experts

If you face any challenges or opportunities that come your way, you can sleep at ease in the knowledge the fact that Dream Home Inspections are always there to help. When you work with Dream Home Inspections you can count on a professional and thorough inspection that covers every detail and not slicing corners.

When you’re purchasing a house or selling one, or just want to know the best way to take care of your property, Dream Home Inspections has an inspection that is perfect for you.

When you are looking for the best house inspector it’s essential to choose a person who you can be confident in. We have a Warranty as well as our Protection Program is backed by each inspection of your home. We also are proud of our excellent customer service. If you have any concerns even after the home inspection, we’ll be there to help regardless of whether it requires a return visit at your residence.

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